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angelical-song-echelon-deactiva said: Well there MUST always be room for Tumblr! haha Do you have a personal blog?

My personal is donttalkbutobserve, but I don’t really have a blog that I post personal stuff from my life because know one cares anyway haha 

angelical-song-echelon-deactiva said: Completely unfair! Everyone deserves sometime to themselves and to Tumblr! haha

I’ll always make time for Tumblr ^.^ haha

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angelical-song-echelon-deactiva said: Basketball practice too? Damn I think I'm busy! haha How do you do it? You must be a bit tired every night! :0!

I have absolutely no idea how I do it haha and yeah I’m completely dead every night and day…I’m never not tired, it’s unfair! haha

angelical-song-echelon-deactiva said: A lot of work on your hands, huh? Hope it isn't too overwhelming! I love this blog and the idea of it!

Just a little bit haha I’m in honors and advanced classes too this year so, I can’t breeze my way through like I used to be able to :/ It hasn’t been too overwhelming yet but, we’ll see when finals come :)

And thank you! ^.^ I try my best.

(also, when basketball season starts in mid-November I won’t be posting as much because I’ll have practices everyday :/ )

Sorry I haven’t been on lately :/

School started at the beginning of this month and I’m trying to ease my way back into school haha Also, driver’s ed started at the beginning of this month. Every day. For 2 hours. (but I met a cute boy so it’s ok)

So, my time has been limited. But, driver’s ed is now done so I’ll have more time on my hands :)

Send in some submissions or just come talk to me ^.^

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